Speaking and Consulting Inquiries

David Morstad brings four decades of experience at the intersection of faith and disability.  In recent years, he has been a featured teacher and consultant for national and international conferences, and assisted numerous organizations with their training, quality improvement and strategic planning. In 2015, Morstad was named a Fellow of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) and currently serves as chair of the Governor’s Committee for People with Disabilities in the state of Wisconsin.

David is a speaker, consultant, and widely published writer.  He has assisted professional and religious organizations across the US, Central America, Europe, and the Baltic nations to develop more inclusive communities of faith. He has served as an advisor to the Institute on Theology and Disability and was the 2010 recipient of the Henri J.M. Nouwen Award, presented by the Religion and Spirituality Division of AAIDD.

For communities of faith

People with disabilities make up the largest minority group in the United States; yet, they are underrepresented in most faith communities.  A 2010 study revealed that one third of families have changed their place of worship because they did not feel that their child with a disability was welcomed. I can provide tools and training for faith communities who wish to:

  • Find, invite, welcome, and include members with disabilities
  • Evaluate the accessibility of their buildings but, more importantly, their worship and education programs
  • Build competence in  church leaders and volunteers in areas such as education and service ministries
  • Create strategies for full inclusion

For support providers

Faith communities have been shown to be rich social and natural support networks and, as such, offer experiences that are deeper and more abundant than even the best paid supports could be.  I can provide staff training and agency policy development that will enable organizations to:

  • Seek and support relationships with faith communities
  • Support the personal choice of individuals supported
  • Nurture relationships with faith communities


      David.Morstad@gmail.com |  920/248-9210