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Book CoverThe story of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is often unknown or misunderstood by people in faith communities. Whole Community: Introducing Faith Communities to People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities provides an introduction to the disability’s definition and history, and an overview of current issues in ethics, cultural perceptions, and public policy. Through personal stories and often-surprising data, a new framework for relationship emerges—one that reaches beyond mercy to mutuality and chooses to see disability as diversity rather than deficit.

“David Morstad has steeped his book, “Whole Community” in years of rich experiences, relationships, and wisdom. The result is an outstanding book that takes the deep and important questions and convictions about living as one body together in Christ and turns that into practical and accessible direction for our Christian communities.”

—Barbara J. Newman, author of Autism and Your Church and Accessible Gospel, Inclusive Worship.

“Whole Community is an excellent resource for faith leaders and congregations interested in improving access and inclusion for people with disabilities. Morstad explores a journey toward relationship through which congregations benefit from the gifts and talents people with disabilities bring to the community of faith.”

—Curtis Ramsey-Lucas, Editor, The Christian Citizen.

“In Whole Community, Morstad explores the many important facets of inclusion in faith communities in a straightforward manner, with thoughtful stories and experiences interwoven between the hard questions and realities of the current state of disability inclusion in our congregations. I highly recommend this book for anyone beginning or developing disability inclusion efforts in their places of worship.”

—Karen Jackson, Executive Director of Faith Inclusion Network of Hampton Roads and author of Loving Samantha.

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